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2021 Statistics About Mold Damage Restoration

Published by 911 Restoration Tri-Cities on April 1, 2022 in category: Mold Inspection, Uncategorized

Mold removalMold is one of the most terrifying things that can happen to a homeowner. The use of pesticides compromises the structural strength of a house and is also linked to a variety of health concerns like infections and allergies.

What exactly is mold? In a nutshell, it’s a collection of fungi that thrive in moist basements, emit a foul stench, and may even cause or exacerbate conditions like asthma and athlete’s foot, among others. On the plus side, mold is responsible for discovering penicillin and the production of blue cheese.

Mold may be found in approximately 70% of houses at any time! Don’t believe us? Read this article with many such mold damage statistics, and you will know for yourself. 2021 mold damage statistics and interesting facts about molds will provide you with all the details and information about this organism. In this blog, we will be looking at some of the most startling mold facts available today, so let’s begin!


    1. Mold Spores Take Between 24 and 48 Hours to Develop

Mold is hazardous and must be eliminated as soon as possible. Because mold spores grow extremely fast in the presence of moisture and humidity, the problem occurs very quickly, within a day or two of humidity and moisture. After then, the mold spores will start spreading to other areas of the house at a rapid pace, resulting in hefty mold removal and cleanup charges for you. Consequently, if you notice or smell mold, don’t dismiss it.

    2. Mold Is Present in Around 28% Of the Population of the United States

This is another alarming number for the people of the United States. Given the prevalence of mold in homes, it may come as a surprise to learn that 28 percent of individuals in the United States have a gene that produces them more susceptible to mold-related disorders. As a result, it is even more critical to eliminate mold from buildings, residences, and places of business.

    3. 70% Of Homes Are Found to Be Harboring Some Form of Mold

This is a terrible statistic for any homeowner to hear. The actual amount of mold in houses, on the other hand, remains a mystery. Furthermore, according to the data, Stachybotrys spores may be found in most households across the world. According to their findings, the Audit Committee of the Finnish Parliament found that mold may be found in up to 9 percent of terraced houses, 18 percent of kindergartens and schools, and 26 percent of hospital outpatient departments and nursing homes.

     4. Mold Is Present in Critical Levels in Around 45 Million Properties in the United States

Mold-infested structures are pretty widespread in the United States. That’s why mold removal and cleanup are critical steps to take before moving into any structure. Mold damage can cause the degradation of wood and harm the structural strength. This might be a severe source of worry if mold levels in properties are high.

     5. Mold Is Responsible for 93 Percent of All Acute Sinus Infections

Mold is not merely harmful to the structure of a building, but it is also harmful to the people who live in mold-infested structures. Mold generates chemicals that can induce various allergic reactions, such as coughing, wheezing, itching, and so on. Mold can also cause respiratory problems. However, it has been shown that mold exposure is the cause of a whopping 93 percent of significant sinus infections, highlighting the need to eliminate mold from one’s environment.

     6. Mold Is Suspected to Be a Contributing Factor in 21% Of Asthma Cases

In the United States, asthma is a widespread condition. You may not be aware of this, but mold and humidity are responsible for almost one-quarter of asthma cases. When mold is present, it has a detrimental impact on the indoor air quality, aggravating the symptoms of asthmatic sufferers. The presence of mold in a structure is quite harmful, and it should be eliminated and eliminated to avoid a variety of respiratory diseases. Furthermore, when mold is eliminated from the environment, it has been shown to reduce asthma-related symptoms by a significant 25 percent to 40 percent.

     7. The Presence of Mold Is Seen in 82 Percent of Sinks

Homeowners should know that mold can be found in unexpected areas, such as basements and crawl spaces. A study showed that mold might be detected in 82 percent of sinks and 49 percent of shower grout. Because these locations are frequently exposed to water, mold formation is a genuine possibility. Homeowners should inspect their showers and sinks for mold and remove it as soon as possible before it causes more harm.

     8. Mold Remediation Expenses Range Between $15 to $30 per Sq. Foot

You will need to seek mold removal services if mold is discovered in your house or business. As a result, mold remediation is critical since it eliminates mold and helps prevent it from developing in the future. According to the amount of damage caused by mold, mold cleanup costs may vary. As a result, the sooner mold is identified and removed, the lower the mold removal cost.

     9. A Total of 88 Percent of Windowsills Had Mold on Them

Condensation is the most common source of mold growth on windowsills. The significant likelihood of mold growing on windowsills, severely impacting air quality, necessitates routine inspection of windowsills, which homeowners frequently overlook. To altogether avoid mold formation, use a dehumidifier to maintain a balanced humidity level in the home, and wipe the windows regularly to eliminate any beads of moisture that may seep into cracks.



Having read these alarming facts and mold damage statistics, you will want to take more extraordinary precautions to avoid mold development and remove it when it occurs as necessary. You may contact 911 Restoration of Tri-Cities if you need to get away from mold damage and protect your home and family from further harm.

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